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American Universities and Colleges (Enrolment procedures).

Because the admission process is complicated for studies abroad, we strongly advice all candidates to contact us as soon as possible and ideally as early as Seconde (10th grade).

For those who would like to study in the United States, the admission file must be finalized by the first trimester of the “Terminale” year. The process is undertaken in the final trimester of Première.

ORIN offers its assistance through all stages of the application:

  • Introduction to the North American university programs
  • Selection of universities
  • Visits and interviews
  • Procedures and deadlines
  • Compulsory examinations and registration procedures: PSAT, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, TOEIC
  • The application
  • Letters of recommendation, Principal’s letter, the transcript , and the personal essay.
  • Early action, and early decision.
  • Budget and financial requirements.

In order for the student to have the best chance for admission, ORIN’s counselor prepares the files with the student and his parents in collaboration with the Principal of the High School.

ORIN can also, if necessary, translate the files.

ORIN’s counselor will first have a meeting with the student and his parents to consider the entire procedure with them. Only after this first appointment can the files be considered.

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